THE BEATLES. - LET IT BE. - • 5LP vinyl box •5CD+blu-ray - 2CD set - COMING SOON

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THE BEATLES. - LET IT BE. - •  5LP vinyl box •5CD+blu-ray -  2CD set - COMING SOON


The five-record vinyl box set contains 4 LPs, a 4-track EP and a book
The super deluxe comes as a book with outer slipcase and a book is also included with the 5-record vinyl super deluxe edition which offers exactly the same audio as its CD counterpart across four LPs and one 4-track 12-inch EP. It doesn’t include the blu-ray with the surround mixes, however. The books are 100-page hardcover tomes with an introduction by Paul McCartney, extensive notes and track-by-track recording information and many previously unseen photos, personal notes, tape box images and more.

The new Super Deluxe 5CD+BLU-RAY reissue of Let It Be doesn’t bother to repeat Let It Be Naked but, more surprisingly, also doesn’t include much from the 3 Savile Row rooftop concert. What it does offer is the 1969 Glyn Johns ‘Get Back LP’ mix, two CDs of alternate takes/jams, new mixes of the original Phil Spector version of the album (and a-sides/b-sides) and a new Dolby Atmos and 5.1 mix of Let It Be. With The Beatles Anthology, and Let It Be Naked, it’s hard to keep track of what has been made available before and what hasn’t, but Apple/UMC say that in total, the super deluxe edition features 27 previously unreleased session recordings.

The content of the CD box set is as follows:
CD1 – New stereo mix (by Giles Martin) of the original album
CD 2 – Get Back – Apple Sessions: Various alternate takes
CD 3: Get Back: Rehearsals and Apple Jams
CD 4: Get Back LP: 1969 Glyn Johns Mix
CD 5: Let It Be EP: Two Glyn Johns Mixes from 1970 and new mixes of the single versions of Let It Be and Don’t Let Me Down
Blu-ray: Dolby Atmos Mix, 5.1 mix, hi-res stereo version of new mix

The 2CD edition offers a 14-track ‘Outtake Highlights’ disc featuring tracks from CDs 2 and 3 in the box set. The notable exception is that this bonus disc does include the Glyn Johns 1970 Mix of ‘Across The Universe’ from CD 5 in the box (the Let It Be EP). Glyn’s 1969 Mix of the ‘Get Back LP’ is exclusive to the CD and vinyl box sets and is artworked up just as the bootlegs were, with the Please Please Me cover homage, featuring the four Beatles posing on EMI’s Manchester Square stairwell, now seven years older! This image was unused at the time but became the cover to the 1967-1970 compilation issued in 1973.